Protoimage m.d.c. have special expertise in constructing fully landscaped presentation models, detailed interiors, exhibition models and prototype samples with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail, even to the smallest scale. We do not only provide finely crafted models at a very competitive price, but we are also aware of the time requirements of our clients. Credebility is important to us and we at Protoimage m.d.c. are proud to say, that all of our past projects were delivered on or before the due time.

We manufactures :
  • Commercial Model
  • Residential Model
  • Interior Model
  • Industrial Model
  • Block Model
  • Goverment Project
  • International Project
  • Shoping Mall
  • Light Effect

Our aims are simple :
  • Deliver a product on time
  • To client specification
  • At the commercial standard required
  • Within budgetary constraints
  • Maintain and expand our skill base

If you have any model requirements in the near future, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.